Titan – Heavy Duty Power

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Titan – Heavy Duty Power

The Titan is another innovative off-grid solution that harnesses the power of the sun to bring green and efficient solar energy to users. It is an off-grid solar energy system that converts sunlight into electricity without a need to connect to a local utility grid. It can also be used as a back-up power supply for homes, businesses, clinics etc. as a replacement to diesel and petrol generators. It can also be used in a mini-grid configuration to power small villages, office complexes, etc. This unit comprises of solar panels, inverter, batteries and a rack.

Typically the Titan has the capability of providing 800w work load for 9 hours after batteries are fully charged via the solar panels. The system can be switched on/off remotely via a RS232 port which connects to a modem. It is capable of being monitored remotely via the internet allowing one to control the unit.

The Titan is typically available from 1 000 VA to 10 000VA although it can be configured in a mini grid that can be more that 10 000VA. This has a MPPT charging controller and a DC-AC power converter that converts solar energy to AC electric energy through a solar module and inverter device. This can meet the basic electricity demand for a standard home to a large home depending on the configuration.

The Titan can also be configured for on-grid use, where surplus power can be fed back into the grid depending on the local electricity authorities’ regulations.

Features and advantages
  • Weatherproof cabinet with 2 lockable doors
  • Equipped with a performing alarm system
  • Can monitor solar panels power and load consumption
  • Can remotely switch on/off
  • Can control the unit from your home
  • Solar Panel dimensions: 240w Polycrystalline Photovoltaic panels
  • Pure sine inverter system with 48V/60A integrated MPPT controller
  • Gel Batteries: 12V/220Ah
  • Single pole panel structure(designed at 25m/s wind speed, 20 degree)
  • Wires & connectors

Technical Specifications


Line Input Input voltage(V) 220V/50HZ
Inverter Output Output voltage(V) 220VAC±5%
Output frequency 50Hz/±1%
Wave form Pure Sine Wave, THD<4%(Full Load)
Solar Input Maximum voltage(V) 90
Rated power(Wp) 2160(9pcs 240W)
Charging current(A)with MPPT controller 60A
Battery Over charge protective voltage(V) 57.2
Over charge recover voltage(V) 54.8
Constant charge voltage(V) 54
Over discharge alarm voltage(V) 42
Others Voltage drop between solar module and battery(V) ≤0.3V
Voltage drop between loads and battery(V) ≤0.15V
Environment Humidity 0-90% Maximum non-condensable
Protective Functions Protection against anti-charge at night Battery over charge/over discharge protection; Joint-reversed of solar modules
Control method MPPT